Trump Is The Problem, We Are The Solution

TRUMP IS THE PROBLEM, WE ARE THE SOLUTION  ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump  – 1-2017

Trump is not a deep thinker. His mouth and his narcissistic personality trump reason and common sense.

He wants us to look at his actions, not what is said. The problem is his actions are not thought out before he puts them in words, orders or deeds.

I have said before that he needs to listen to his intelligent advisors, agency heads, his VP and his aids. And, he needs to close his Twitter account. What President uses a Twitter account? These accounts are for teenagers and those who think that every thing they think is important.

President Trump’s end goal is often less controversial than his phrasings and his executive orders. He needs to keep his mouth shut and read his statements on a teleprompter. Let the Secretary of State make the phone calls to other nations. Let Department Secretaries formulate policies for immigration and implement the policy.

How can we help? I just gave him the best advice I can. We the people and agency heads, Department Secretaries, aides, the VP, party leaders from both parties and the Supreme Court need to guide him.

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