Trump – Man of the Year

TRUMP – MAN OF THE YEAR  ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump  – 1-2017

10 years ago Robin Williams starred in a movie about a comedian ranting about the powers to be and deciding to run for President. To his surprise, he wins. Did Robin Williams foresee the future?

We were all disgusted with both political parties that do nothing. We all want change. But the change we wanted was to end the control of our nation by the wealthy and an end to party bickering. Now more than ever, the wealthy and one party control the nation. Good luck WIth that. What is good for Americans may rarely seem an issue.

President Trump no doubt watched this movie. So let the comedy proceed, day by day, every day and not just on Saturday Night Live. It is Reality TV national news. A reality TV star is our new President. It does not seem real. The real stuff is really funnier than the fake news and alternative facts. But, the real stuff can do harm as well as good. Laughter will help us survive the fact that nothing changes when the wealthy and political parties are in control.

It would be better to tax the wealthy 90% on earnings over $1 million to force them to put company profits into factories, workers and product than in their pockets. We did this under Roosevelt and Eisenhower.

It would be better to eliminate the political parties and vote on the candidate and thus end one party always taking the opposite side of the other party and force all politicians to concentrate on what is good for the people.

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