Donald Likes To Take Credit

~ T. Rump – Trump By Trump  – 3/2017

Donald Trump tweets job creation in January and February are “because of me!” Not so say experts and company officials. They say the recent moves were largely market-driven and were in the works before Trump.

The companies like the promise of deregulation – which lost all of us dollars or homes in the great Republican Recession of 2008 and they like tax cuts to the rich – which obviously have not created jobs for the rest of us.

Trump has never tweeted the whole truth or offered proof for his tweets.

Many company announcements fit a years-long trend under Obama – who had no cooperation from Republicans yet saved us from the the Great Republican Recession. How quickly we forget.

Per companies, Trump’s impact on new investments and job creation has been “very small or nonexistent.”

Of course, Trump disagrees. The press is the enemy and “totally biased”.

Several auto industry experts say announcements by GM and Ford were in the works before Trump was elected, and were largely market-driven decisions that fit a yearslong trend in the industry.

And, Lockheed Martin jobs are not “coming back,” they are being added due in part to contract for more F-35 planes. Blame Obama please.

Ford says it has not changed its plans for plants or jobs.

The decision not to build a Focus plant in Mexico was scrapped because “we’ve seen decreasing demand here in North America for small cars, and we simply don’t need the capacity anymore.”

Trump likes to take credit for change. It is like giving credit to God for everything good and blaming the devil for everything bad.

Actually, Trump has not delivered on job creation, deregulation, tax cuts, immigration or health care reform.

He has promises to keep.

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