Chaos In The White House

~ T. Rump – Trump By Trump  – 3/2017

Republicans created Donald Trump with the anti-everything Obama from day one of Obama’s Presidency. They refused to work with Obama on anything even though their deregulation policies had created the Great Republican Recession of 2008. They were anti-Obama who was the first Black President and who will go down in history for making America great again. They created instead – President Donald Trump – anti-everything!

President Trump is noted for his personal chaotic personality and his inability to make good choices in political situations. General Michael Flynn being a big personal vetting error for the National Security Advisor position. Other cabinet and staff choices seem to be strange immigrants in the White House.

But the choices of Steven Bannon as “chief strategist” and Reince Priebus as “chief of staff” could only make for more chaos in the Whitehouse. They must be creating even turmoil for Trump or uneven turmoil. Trump + Bannon + Priebus add up to zero experience in running the federal government. Add Kellyanne Conway and Jarad Kushner and you have 5 inexperienced personalities conflicting and you have total chaos.

A strong chief of staff would make a better Presidency. Selection of staff with experience in managing congress and world affairs would be a big plus.

Trump is finding that running the country is different from running your own business or your own TV show.

Controlling Trump must be a huge problem.

Nixon was determined to exact revenge on his enemies and controlling Nixon was a challenge.

Trump seems determined to create daily chaos to draw attention to Himself and to encourage competition among his staff. He is succeeding with both.

But the job to secure the best public policies and than to secure the next election is going to be difficult. Constant back-stabbing leads to Whitehouse leaks and mistakes.

Two immigration policies or executive orders have been big staff failures.

His support for Paul Ryan’s idea of health care is not working, nor does it in any way promote Trump’s promise of better and cheaper health care for all.

Encouraging the Bannonites and Preibusite and Kellyanneites and Jaredites to struggle for Trump’s favor create more chaos and Presidential failures.

Trump doesn’t read and His demand for one page analysis and one page solutions to problems is not working.

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