Trump Meets A Real Leader, A Woman

~ T. Rump – Trump By Trump  – 3-2017

I really am searching for something positive to say about President Donald Trump, but…

Trump is a huge embarrassment to us, US, Americas and to Himself.

Watch His facial and body movements in His meeting with German leader Merkel and the press. See for yourself. If you were reasonably intelligent, you could see that in His campaign if you watched His debates with the Republican candidates or with Hillary Clinton. If you did not watch the debates or read the newspapers you should not have voted.

Sorry, but Trump is a sick man. No normal President or Man would behave as He did with His moments with Merkel. She will go home and tell the Germans Trump is at best an ass.

He refused to shake Angela Merkel’s hand during a joint appearance at the White House. Apparently Trump cannot stand a better leader, much less a better woman leader (Hillary included). It is the boy President at his best or worst. It is the spoiled brat 13-year old I mentioned in my first blogs.

The future of the transatlantic alliance and of two world leaders is at stake.

Ms Merkel wants support for a strong European Union. Trump wants  her support for his demand that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) nations pay their share of defense needs.

The world is watching and Trump turns up his anti-social behavior. Unbelievably Disgusting!

He has said Germany has not paid their dues in NATO. It is not true.

Trump could learn from Merkel on how to deal with people and even with Russian President Putin, if He did not believe he knows everything.

In his campaign, Trump had lashed out at Time magazine in 2015 when it named Ms Merkel “Person of the Year” instead of him. Unbelievably narcissistic and anti-social!  I think he really hates women – especially strong women.

Trump soon turned to his fake news and Obama tapped Him positions. We know he hates the press who don’t always paint Trump as the greatest. I think he hates Obama, who in history and in contrast will be the Greatest President.

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