On Flynn Bad To Worse

~ T. Rump – Trump By Trump  – 3/2017

“Fire, aim, ready” has been the process used by Trump to choose his cabinet and staff. Improper vetting has led to – you guessed it – “Hire, Vet, Fire.”

President Trump did not vet his first choice as our National Security Advisor, General Micheal Flynn. Repeat previous sentence.. Gen Flynn was recently fired.

Trump’s former national security advisor Michael Flynn was paid $11,250 by the US arm of Russian cyber security company Kaspersky Lab which has been linked to Russia’s Federal Security Service.

Flynn’s work for a host of Russian companies and received $45,000 from Kremlin-owned TV outlet Russia Today.

The Russian payments violated prohibitions on retired military officers accepting payment from foreign governments.

Concern over General Flynn’s pay by Russian companies comes from  Russia’s role in hacking the emails of senior Democratic Party members, and trying to influence the US election in favor of President Donald Trump.

How much worse can the ineptness of President Trump get? See below and above.

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