Fake News vs Real News

FAKE NEWS VS REAL NEWS ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump – 2-2017

There was a mistake in the election. Hillary Clinton actually won and will be installed as President immediately. The Russians are to blame. If it can happen at the Oscars, it can happen in politics. ~ Now this is fake news.

The Real Trump news…

Remember when Trump was campaigning for the President’s job and criticized those who would not talk to adversaries, even Russia and boasted how he could talk to even the Russians – well, now Trump is foregoing informal talks with  with North Korea. The Korean participants in the schedule talks were first approved for Visa and then disapproved.

I can’t blame the Administration for anything except the confusion over the visas as we do not want Korean diplomats executed on our soil.

President Trump will not be attending the Annual White House Correspondence Dinner with the elite members of the political media, Washington socialites, politicians and of celebrities. It would be a little awkward. Trump might be roasted. President Reagan missed one as was recovering from a bullet wound. Many at the meeting would likely take potshots at Trump. He does not like that.

Remember when Obama made light of Trump and Trump was obviously rankled and decided to run for President and undo everything Obama did. Well, we do not want that again.

The Real Republican News…

GOP House health plan leaked. Basically the people on the Affordable Health Care Plan will lose. All are affected. Many will lose insurance, subsidies will be less, older insured will see increases in premiums, and medicaid for low-income adults will be discontinued.

In the major industrialized nation, they have Health Care for the people. Here we have health care for the insurance companies and pharmaceuticals.

Not good!  Very, very bad!

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