Trump’s Fake Promises

TRUMP’S FAKE PROMISES ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump  – 2-2017

Governing of the United States is a very complex business. You cannot just tweet and get your way. That is why I always vote for the most intelligent candidate. At least one smart enough to not tweet childish crazy 144 character answers to the world’s problems.

Attacking everything and everyone accomplishes nothing.

Whatever happened to thinking?

Is it fake news that the President and Republicans after years of complaining about Obama Care and have no plan to replace it? Trump promises a bigger and better plan to cover everyone. So far “total disaster. Trump’s promise a full repeal on day one. So far no one in the Republican party or Trump’s administration has any idea when it might be repealed. Tweet, tweet! Fake, fake. Not even a repeal schedule because they might not be re-elected if they do repeal it before the next election. “Next week” became “next year” and now maybe not before 2020. Fake schedules. False statements. Fake news. Simply, simple words.

Many of his voters thought it O.K. to repeal Obama Care as long as they had the Affordable Care Act. Many are learning too late that Obama Care and the ACA are one and the same thing. Voter learning curve can also be a problem.

The only excuse for all the missteps of Trump can only be that Trump is the apprentice and has much to learn. He had no political experience as a Mayor or Governor or Representative or Senator or Secretary of State pr a Party official. None. He may not learn much from his desire for one page summaries of the country’s problems and the world problems. That is why I vote for the most intelligent candidate. It takes intellectual work to do the work of the POTUS – President of the United States.

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