Trump Address Not Trump 2/2017

TRUMP ADDRESS TO CONGRESS NOT TRUMP ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump  – 2/2017

President Trump addressed congress and the nation in a normal presidential way. Republicans stood up and clapped at everything and Democrats at very little.

Trump was not his usual self as He read from the teleprompter the things conservatives and liberals would like to believe. But for most of is – we do not know what to believe.

He did not claim there were 3-5 million illegal votes, attack the media as enemies of the people, or call everyone names. These were refreshing.

A war widow got the biggest applause.

This night, immigrants were welcomed if they could support themselves and not stress our welfare system. He called for a merit based Immigration reform policy. Congress will not agree on anything.

Trump wants a trillion dollar infrastructure. Congress clapped on both sides except the tea party that wants tax cuts and no government programs that spend money.

He said their is surge of optimism – so far only billionaires are optimistic as they control the stock markets. If it isn’t optimistic, it is Obama’s fault. Obama had Bush to blame.

Trump seems to favor a war on big city crime over policing the world. You felt if Trump could have doctoral powers, all would be safe.

The speech showed a President being President. Good, very good.

Trump was not the “Maniacal focused” POTUS described by top aide Stephen Bannon. Good! Very good!  We might not see Bannon again. Very, very good! Many have thought the February POTUS was wacko, but perhaps not “Maniacal”. A close aide may know better the real President of the United States.

Since Trump became President, daily many have hoped that a second envelope would declare the real winner of the election. Trump changed his tone from all dark to all optimistic in this big speech, but congress and the courts will have to continue to humble Him.

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