Trump Speech Fake News

TRUMP SPEECH FAKE NEWS ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump – 3/2017
The speech made Trump look Presidential except for the alternative facts are often misleading at best and big lies at worse.
Trump says the murder rate is the highest it’s been in roughly 45 years. Not trune. In the 1990’s it was twice as high.
On pipeline job – Trump claims his administration’s support of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines are “creating tens of thousands of jobs.” The pipe line has built 1200 miles with 1.5 miles to go.  At it’s peek
A State Department report says the Keystone XL pipeline at its peak construction would create 1950 to 3900 over 1 year verses 2 year time and
create 35 full-time employees.  The Dakota Access pipeline would add 8,000 to 12,000 construction jobs, and 40 permanent positions.
Trump on terrorism said, “The vast majority of individuals convicted of terrorism and terrorism-related offenses since 9/11 came here from outside of our country.” About half are foreign born.
Trump on Lobbying Ban imposed a 5-year ban on Executive Branch officials “to drain the swamp.” But the ban is only on partial activities and only with the with the same agency where they were employed.
Trump on employment said there are 94 million people out of the job market. This is only true if you count college students, retired, disabled, senior citizens and those who do not want a job.
Trump on job creation says he created thousands of jobs since his victory in November. In many instances, the jobs promoted were part of previously announced plans before His election. Remember jobs were increasing nicely before the election. Many announcements were made months ago and a year ago.
Trump on the F-35 fighter jet. According to Lockheed, the latest agreement slashed $728 million (or roughly 8% less) compared to the Pentagon’s last purchase. But that reflected the continued lower costs as more planes are made.
On defense spending said his proposal to increase defense spending 10% or $54 billion is one of the biggest in a century, $54 billion today is worth far less than $54 billion a century ago.
Basically Trump is claiming his actions are bigger thank others.
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