Trump Talk Not Talking Truth on ACA


~ T. Rump – Trump By Trump – 3/2017

President Donald Trump has long called the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) a “disaster” that it has caused premiums to increase by double and triple digits.” It is not true.

Republicans also have not been telling the truth on ACA.

Premiums for those ACA plans did increase in the past year as have insurance premiums as long as I can remember on my car, my house and my health insurance.

The Department of Health and Human services report a 25% increase in Premiums in the 39 states that use the marketplace. That jump brings premiums in line with what it actually costs insurers to offer policies on the exchange. It is a short-term correction.

There are other factors, too: Health care costs are aways rising though not as much as before the Affordable Care.

The Medicaid expansion portion of the law accounts for more than half of the newly covered people. That adds to the cost.

My wife’s insurance plan went up about 10% and she gets the top plan. Indiana had no increase. And, most people buying these plans aren’t paying those increases. And, government costs for Obamacare have actually been lower than initially predicted.

Generally premiums are increasing at a lower rate than before the health care law took effect.

Trump Talk is not talking truth or the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

But his reasonable political speech before congress was much more positive and far less boastful and all of us can maybe build upon that.

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