Trump Travel Ban 2.0

TRUMP TRAVEL BAN 2.0   ~ T. Rump – Trump By Trump  – 3/2017

President Trump’s revised Executive Order travel ban is put on hold by a federal judge in Hawaii who found it discriminates on the basis of nationality – targeting Muslim countries.

More than half a dozen states are trying to stop the ban.

Hawaii argued the ban would harm its tourism industry.

The ACLU and others said that Trump’s campaign statements and statements of His advisers make it clear that the intent of the ban is to ban Muslims.
The new Executive Order applies only to new visas from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen and temporarily shuts down the U.S. refugee program. Visas already existing are not banned.
Federal law allows 110,000 immigrants in 2017 and Trump wants to cut that to 50,000 by Executive Order.

The First Amendment bars the government from favoring or disfavoring any religion. That question has not been ruled on.

The next day, Maryland opposed the Executive Order as a “Muslim ban”.

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