Trump Violates U.S. Constitution Pay Clauses


Donald Trump is famous for shafting contractors and workers on his job sites, for using other people’s money and for not paying taxes.

He extracts millions of dollars from his casino in Atlantic City and then used bankruptcy laws to shaft investors.

His Trump Foundation uses charitable contributions for expenses that went to pay his businesses.

Now, he is using the Presidency to bilk taxpayers out of millions every month. It is illegal. It violates the U.S. Constitution Domestic Emoluments Clause or the Presidential Compensation Clause which prohibits the President from receiving any more pay than his salary of $400,000.

In fact, Trump has already received millions when Trump visits to Florida’s Mar-A-Lago resort or one of his Hotels, or golf courses.

Trump also is lining his pockets directing policy and regulatory changes that will benefit his business interests.

Previous presidents divested real estate and other investments, and re-invested their funds either into widely-held, “conflict-free” assets such as Treasury bonds or appointed an independent trustee to manage their money in a “blind trust”.

Everything Trump now does comes under the microscope for violation of the Domestic, Foreign and regulatory Emoluments Clauses.

Trump will keep up His violations of law until He is Impeached and His V.P. pardons Him of His crimes. Trump will be millions richer in the process and taxpayers will be millions poorer.

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