Health Care For All

~ Gary Bahr

Let’s hope Democrats will vote their promise to insure that everyone has health care. Medicare for all, legislators, seniors, government employees, veterans, Moms and children, the uninsured and poor would cost less than current private premiums and various government programs. It would eliminate administrative inefficiencies. Others could still buy insurance, supplements or Medicare.

Medicare works, contains costs, pays, is paperless for the patient, your doctor decides your care and insurance companies can sell it and supplements.

Health Care For All – Why Not?

Insurance companies write policies no one understands, claim wonderful benefits that may mean you are only covered in the hospital or not at all, decide your fate over your doctor, and are the death panels that decide if you can get insurance, what benefits you get and what will be paid. Your insurer will want you out of the hospital in a day while your doctor wants more time to regulate your medicine and progress, save your life or avoid complications.

Fair financing of health care should be by eliminating all tax exemptions and a percent of income above two times the poverty level deductible from paychecks. Employers could pay half like social security or all to keep their employees.


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