Laws Should Be for All

~ Gary Bahr

Dear Editor, Governor, State Senators and Representatives:

I demand these democratic principles in Wisconsin and the nation:

Every voter creates a hard copy record of his or her vote for recounts if necessary.

Ethics and laws that apply to citizens will apply to politicians equally.

Ethics and campaign finance reform that forbid any politician from voting for a tax exemption, law or benefit in exchange for contributions or favors from special interests, if the bill denies another citizen equal protection under the law.

No one should be exempt from any tax, benefit or law at the expense of another.

Fair taxes; a small local property tax on real estate-related services that applies to everyone’s real estate, a lower state sales tax rate that applies to everyone’s retail purchases and to services, and a lower state and federal income tax rate on all income — exempting only poverty level income for all.

Equal education opportunity for all kids financed by general revenues on a per student basis. Social services managed by counties financed by general revenue sharing and county sales and income tax caps.

Universal health care for all citizens like the kind politicians now give themselves.

Freedom from foreign oil and war.

I give Republicans and Democrats until the next election to accomplish these things!


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