Wisconsin Solution

~ Gary Bahr

There is an economic solution for Wisconsin. To revive the state’s economy, balance the budget and make our taxes fair, our lawmakers need to repeal our Wisconsin tax system. Current tax policy discourages construction of homes, businesses, factories and farm buildings at a severe cost to the economy and employment.

Reducing the property tax to a local tax for cities, towns and villages would create a perpetual construction boom that would employ more people than ever across the state.

Schools, counties and state can be easily funded by general revenue and revenue sharing. This 85% reduction in property taxes can be easily financed by eliminating all the unfair special interest tax exemption devices we now have on our income, sales and property taxes. Surplus revenue could first pay off our state debt and then reduce income and sales tax rates. Only one exemption should remain and that is the exemption from income tax of poverty level income for all our citizens.

Each taxpayer should write a letter, send an email, make a phone call, or visit their State Representative and State Senator, Governor and Department of Revenue and ask them to replace our current tax system with fair taxes.

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