U.S. Could Lead Peace By Example

~ Gary Bahr

The decency of humanity must end the insanity. Our political leaders shun nations, interfere internally with governments, demand sanctions if they don’t get their way or go to war for their greedy military-industrial complex campaign contributors.

The decent people of warring countries are not the problem. They want self-rule, love and golden rules like thou shall not covet, steal or kill. As a nation we have lost our credibility because our politicians covet oil for food and medicine, steal oil at cheap prices by threat of military force, and kill civilians and prisoners with bombs and torture. Our sanctions did not hurt Saddam. Our bombs did not get Bin Laden. Sanctions and war have killed over a million innocent men, women, children and fetuses in Iraq.

Our country is not in Iraq for God or democracy. We would not even be in the Middle East if it had no oil. For decades insurgents or freedom fighters have used their available weapons of terror to try to keep us out, just as we would fight any foreign country occupying our land.

As the world’s most powerful country we can afford to buy Mid-East oil at their price. We can even double car mileage and end our dependency on foreign oil. We do not have to use our military, CIA, FBI, tax funded organizations, food and medical sanctions or big companies to de-stabilize governments or make war for oil. $4 a gallon gas is much cheaper than war.

As individuals and as a nation we must lead by example. National example is our only effective world weapon. As a strong nation we can afford to be gentle. Intelligent leaders do not invite war. They invite leaders to visit our country to see what democracy can do. It worked with Gorbachev.

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