Fair Tax Reform Is Wisconsin Cure-all

~ Gary Bahr

Voters can get their property taxes reduced 80% by contacting their politicians now and demanding that schools and counties be taken off property taxes.

If lawmakers repeal all state tax exemption devices which unfairly benefit some citizens over others, they can finance reducing the property tax to a local tax for local services, keep people in their homes and farms, fund schools and counties, provide health care for all, provide campaign finance reform, balance the budget, exempt poverty level income from tax and not increase income or sales tax rates.

Everyone should pay a fair share of each tax. No one should be exempt from a tax that makes others pick up the difference. By not allowing special-interests to buy tax exemptions and benefits with campaign donations, politicians can restore tax fairness and eliminate special-interest influence.

A fair tax plan should assign each level of government specific duties and a tax to pay for each – thus saving money now wasted on duplication in services at the federal, state, county and local levels.

Circulate this letter to politicians and other voters. Our lawmakers will do nothing if voters do nothing.

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