Stop The Old Politicians

~ Gary Bahr

Voting for incumbents is irresponsible. Voting against them will send a strong message to new legislators that they must put the people first.

No politician deserves re-election! They are all lazy, inefficient and border on incompetent. They tell us what we want to hear and do nothing. All new lawmakers will accomplish more in 100 days than current politicians have in 100 years. It will be like a new beginning.

Voters should vote for incumbents because they do their best for the people. Incumbents now do good for their big special-interest contributors who help get them re-elected. Big contributors feel they can manage known incumbents.

If our politicians did what is best, we would have campaign finance reform in Wisconsin and in the nation; we would have our property taxes in Wisconsin reduced to a local tax for local property related services; we would finance education across Wisconsin with general revenues on a per student basis to provide all our children an equal educational opportunity; and we would have health care for every citizen. Because special-interests manage our politicians – we have nothing. The list of problems unsolved continues to grow because incumbents are the problem!


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