Judge Republicans By What They Do,

~ Gary Bahr

Voters must judge Republicans based on what they do when in power, not by what they promise during campaigns.

Republicans say they are for jobs and the middle class, but under President Bush the jobs went to India and the bailout funds went to rich contributors.

They say they are Christians, but do not want to feed the people or help the less fortunate.

They say they are for the right to life, but are the first to seek war, drop bombs on mothers and unborn babies, torture and execute prisoners.

Republicans say they are against regulation, yet let their big contributors regulate everything by money control including the stock market and energy prices. The 19 cent a gallon gas when I was a kid now sells for $3-$4.00 while in much greater supply and is the same stuff.

They want deregulation of business that led to adjustable real estate mortgage rates over 16% when fixed rates were 5.5% and led to real estate derivatives and a deep recession.

They say they are for balanced budgets and cutting deficits, but Democrat President Clinton last balanced a budget and cut deficits.

Republicans refuse to tax their rich campaign contributors but are willing to let taxes increase for the little guy. Their wealthy contributors are allowed to make workers live on less, while they give themselves gigantic raises and stock options.

They made corporations individuals with the freedom to use their money to buy elections, but seek to limit unions free speech and the right to collective bargaining.

They are making class warfare.

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