Republican Party Is Dysfunctional

~ Gary Bahr

They have more often than not failed to run the country properly when in power. The last Republican President ushered in a recession while running for the office by simply stating there was a recession and when he left office by saying we were in deep trouble and had to save the super rich banks, insurance companies and brokerage firms who under deregulation abused their stockholders and customers.

Now, 20 Republicans think they can be President. That alone is WACKO!  And, Donald Trump leads the group because the people are ready to give up on those with any political experience. Cannot blame them.

The Republican Party is Dysfunctional. It is unlikely any one of the candidates can win a National Election for President. Trump has offended just about every voter and if he hasn’t, the party has.

A movie star could run and win. It has happened before.

When President Obama took office, Paul Ryan met with several Republican legislators and decided their purpose would be to oppose everything Obama sought. Everything. That seems very selfish for someone planning to run for President and for other supposed Senators and Representatives elected to help run the country.

In Wisconsin, we have a Governor who ran for President and when other states saw thru him – he had to withdraw. Republicans are in control now in Wisconsin and are up to more mischief to solidify their shenanigans. Three new bills are proposed to destroy clean government in Wisconsin – if you care about Democracy in Wisconsin, see for details and to  join:

• AB 388/SB 294 to ruin the  independent Government Accountability Board and allow more corruption.
• AB 387/SB 292, rewrites our campaign finance laws so that the wealthy and corporations can have more influence than ever, and
• AB 68/SB 43, which exempts politicians, and only politicians, from secret John Doe investigations.
It is Black October in Wisconsin where the above bills will destroy open government and free politicians to do anything they want without accountability. Wisconsin is open for corruption! An end to both parties would be better than the cementing in of one party.
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