Republican Raised

~ Gary Bahr

I was born and raised Republican, but I cannot vote for Republicans.

They say they are Christians but give tax cuts and bailouts to the greedy while cutting programs to the needy.

They say they are for peace and the right to life, but caused innumerable senseless deaths in wars.

They say they love America and success, but oppose any legislation to improve the economy and jobs hoping it will defeat a Democrat President.

They want to again deregulate their bank, brokerage and insurance company contributors who caused the recent Great Republican Recession, the loss of 40% of our wealth, and double-digit unemployment.

They oppose the Affordable Health Care Act because rich Republican contributors can deduct and afford their medical bills; and repeal would make their insurance and pharmaceutical contributors richer.

Republican tax breaks for the rich and spending cuts have not created jobs.

Demonizing teachers has not helped education.

A crazy Republican U.S. Supreme Court found that Corporations are people with rights to unlimited political contributions while Republicans curtail unions and Democratic voters.

If we give Republicans enough rope, they will hang themselves. Historically the pendulum will swing because the 99% have more votes than the wealthy 1%. You cannot fool all the people all the time.


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