2016 Election


by R. U. Wacko and T. Rump for Trump by Trump

To some a vote for Hillary Clinton may be a little crazy. But, I am not crazy enough to vote for Trump. If you voted for trump, you are wacko? Just my opinion.

I vote for the most intelligent candidate.

Trump is a bully. 5000 lawsuits by him or by others against him is the proof.  He would be the most vengeful President in history.  His thinking is minimal. His successful accomplishments are few and do not match his bragging. His words many. His depth shallow. His ego huge. His example poor. His name calling many. His tax returns hidden. His acceptance of criticism nil.

Some cannot accept a successful black President or the thought of a woman President. I was so proud of our country’s election of Barrack Obama and would be had we elected Hillary.

To those who think Hillary was or is crooked, show me the proof.

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