Accepting Others As They Are

~ R. U. Wacko

Do we really know another person? I think not. We have to know another person so well that we can think their thoughts for them? No. We could not even if we wanted to. We can not even though sometimes we think we can. What we can do is accept people as they are. If we do not like the way they are, we can find a different friend. Or, we could confront our friend, risk losing them, or risk really getting to know him. We can go to our friend and say, I do not understand you. The other day you said this, and this I do not like. Please explain what you meant. I do not understand how you behave, please explain! Say, I would like to see you change your way, I would like to help you as a friend, if you want me too. If you do not want to change, fine, be the way you are, but I am going to find a new friend. We can get very close to someone we love, but they can be so defined by us that we truly know what they are thinking. Part of the excitement of someone is that they constantly surprise.

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