Heaven On Earth

~ R. U. Wacko, RUWacko.com

Is there a place where dreams come true? Is there a heaven? Is Belleville, Wisconsin heaven? Is heaven on Earth? Are there periods in life when we find our earth life is heavenly. 

For me it happened when I married my present wife. I had first met her when I was also a Realtor and had some land for sale in 1980 next to where she lived. I went out to the land to determine the boundaries and thought the South Boundary included the neighbor’s TV antenna. I went down and knocked on the door of the trailer home. A lady answered, and I backed up so not to scare her. I explained my reason for being there and asked if her TV antenna was on the land I had listed. She said it was. I thanked her and turned and left, and this voice in me says, “I cannot fall in love, I am a married man.” I saw in her  eyes warmth I was looking for and hoping for in my life. I never thought any more about it until several years later. I had gone thru my divorce in 1986.

While single again, I had mentioned to my buddy Dave, that the most beautiful women seem to marry such strange men. Well, one day talking to a man about his loan to finish his house, start a winery, buy a bus and haul Wisconsin cheese to Alaska, and buy a boat in winter when his wife walks into my office and sits down. My whole system was about to shake, my chemistry was having a violent reaction that I was afraid I would be revealed. I always said love was a chemical imbalance. She was the woman I had seen at the trailer.

I called my friend Dave and said that I was in love.

I had my first long conversation with Dawn at a wedding of a mutual friend. I learned she could drink a lot of Gallo wine. Another year or so would pass.

A couple years later I learned they had set up separate accounts at separate banks, acknowledging they were going through a divorce. Praise the lord! I also think some things are written.

I could make my own heaven on earth, and you can do it right here on Earth. I always believe the Lord had promised good to me, that God loves me, and that God created heaven and earth. Well, almost always.

He now had created my opportunity to date this gorgeous woman.

We are all looking for a loving mate.

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