Inner Peace

~ R. U. Wacko

In that inner peace we must find in ourselves to be, and we search for it in our mates, and we wish for it for our children. Inner peace comes from within. You will not find it in others. If you are depending on inner happiness to be from others at all times, you will be disappointed.

Einstein, the German-born theoretical physicist, said that only a life lived for others is worth living. Love is my God, my Holy Spirit, my guardian angel. Love protects me from harm, guides me through life and death.

Spiritual values can be religious or secular, practiced in different ways. The important factor is that these spiritual values are my mental and physical health. If I rebel against my values, I will feel mental stress and perhaps physically ill. 

God begins where reason ends. It may not seem rational to believe in God. Certainly many will question belief. If it isn’t rational to believe, it still may be good for you to believe in God. You do not have to believe to be a good person.

There is no need to believe in a bad God. Why screw up your life after death. If you learn nothing else from my book except that “God Loves You” as you are you will be better off.

But there are other things to, and I believe you can learn to be happy. I believe happiness can be taught. And, I believe the keys to happiness can be found in thinking.

I want to share my wealth with you. I want you to be as rich as I am. I have found the secret to wealth, riches, happiness, peace of mind. At, least, I know the secret to happiness for me, and if it is good for you, than you can be happy too.

Retiring from banking at the age of 48, for several months I wondered what to do with my spare time in retirement. At first, I felt I must work. Work is all I have ever done. Why retire from it if all I am going to do is work? I could do that in banking. I did know that I did not want to shuffle papers, fill out forms, read printouts or sit in front of a computer crunching numbers, ledgers, collecting past due loans, or any other paper-work job. I want to create!

I thought about becoming a minister, thinking that their would be little paper work, and I only would have to work on Sunday mornings – one message a week. But ministers are also buried in paper. And they often work day and night. I would just like to uplift the human spirit. I choose to be happy with life and if I can make your life fun and rewarding I would be happy.

Just sharing my thinking with you should make you happier. Follow the Ten Commandments. Nothing wrong with that. 

Healthy acceptance of a religion or philosophy is important to your happiness.

Be weary of believing in a God or a Devil that makes you do things. If you believe in the Devil? That’s scarey. If you believe God is watching your every move and will pounce on you, send 40 days of rain, give you the plague, swarm you with bugs if you make a wrong move – that too is scarey! Some ministers were taught in seminary to give you 15 minutes of scare each Sunday in their sermon, and then let you know God can save you if you put enough in the collection plate.

A young minister friend landed in Belleville, Wisconsin in the mid or late 70’s as I remember. He was new to the local rural folks who were use to a minister who visited their home once a year if they attended church once a year on Christmas eve. Thus a return visit from the minister was justified. This young minister was not about to submit to it. Thus some locals were left waiting for his visit before they would return to Church. It made a good excuse not to attend church.

Some would thus not set foot in the local Methodist Church – ever. Some will go their graves before forgiving this young minister. Well, they missed hearing some real down to earth sermons by not coming to church. And here was a minister who was not condemning, not calling people sinners, but preaching that I was loved by God no matter how human I was. I liked him, and soon joined him preaching whatever came to my mind. It is hard to come up with a weekly sermon.

My wife has a favorite minister in Dr. Robert Schuller, the famous TV evangelist. Well, I had some of his works and was particularly impressed by his teaching that life was a decision, and that you need not fear making a decision, make one, and if it is wrong, you simply have to make another decision. And I had used that theory on Dawn’s heart and mind, to convince her to love me, and the worse thing that could happen is that she would have to make another decision. Soon we or she was watching Schuller every Sunday.

I, like most of us, have spent many hours listening to preachers condemn us for our thoughts and deeds, and give me hell for not tithing. Well, Schuller has to ask for money to run his programs, but he can have some of my money and I’ll be happy if he just gets his message across to one person a week. Simply put, he preaches God loves us and he does too. And, that my friends is the most important message in religion or psychology.

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