~ R. U. Wacko

It’s O.K. to love your spouse, children, mom, dad, sisters, brothers. Sometimes it is hard to love them, but believe me it is easier to love them than to hurt them. 

“God Loves You and So do I”. Now, I would not want you to think I have gone off the deep end in religion. Most people either believe in God, or accept his existence, but whether you believe or not, much of how you and others live and think is related to man’s religious beliefs and values and norms. Thus, I do think that the most helpful thing for all of us to believe is that God loves us as we are – whether we believe or not!

Indeed my own philosophy is that God is Love. He is the love we have for ourselves. He is the love we have for others. He is the love force others have for us. He loves you whether you believe in him or not. He loves you even if sometimes you doubt or do dumb things.

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