Holy Underwear!

~ R. U. Wacko

Clothes do not make a person, nor do they make you Holy. It is more important to feel good about yourself, than to look like a million dollars. If clothes make you feel good, fine. Buy what you can afford. If clothes are heading you towards bankruptcy, than you have lost your priorities.

I was a Morman, I was sealed in marriage to a former wife in a nice Oakland, California Temple. Afterwards you were to wear this special underwear. For men it was a one-piece outfit with flaps in back and front available in long or short leg lenghts. The garment was to remind me to be faithful. Well, there was no way I would have let any other woman see me in my new underwear. Indeed it would have kept me faithful, as no woman would want me seeing me in it. Made me look 30 years older. So, I was not about to give up my briefs for that outfit. I later divorced my Morman wife, and underwear had nothing to do with it. She burned my marriage underwear in the backyard and claimed to have seen the Devil come out of it. Thank God I did not wear that garment for more than a day.

Nothing worse than having underwear with the devil it it. Glad I quit wearing it!

Actually I was more opposed to the Morman ban on women or blacks holding the priesthood in their church than I was about wearing the underwear. Although it was easier for me to do something about the underwear than about their church doctrine.

I tried to change their doctrine one time. As an Elder I voted with a hundred others on whether to build a new church building or buy a farm to feed their poor. I was the only one who voted for the farm. Jesus said, “Feed the poor”. Apparently Joseph Smith told the others to build a church.

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