My Religion


~ R. U. Wacko

Religion is more than belief. Belief is more than religion. To do good and a belief in the teachings of Jesus is my religion. That is it. I need no more.

I have searched for the right words to say that are short, meaningful and can change your life, uplift your spirit and give you all the knowledge you need to get thru the most trying times. I want to share these words with you and leave you with words worth remembering. The three word are: “God loves you and so do I”.

In searching for what to say in a few words that you will in searching for a message you will not forget. I must choose words from the minister who married us. The minister who married us is Dr. Robert A. Schuler, the noted TV evangelist of the Crystal Cathedral. His simple message is the best one for you too…”God loves you, and so do I!” I have tried to think of a better message. There is none. If you wonder whether you believe in God, this message is the most powerful. Because knowing that God loves you, and that another human being loves you, is the most important knowledge we can have. It is psychology we all need. 

It even satisfies the needs of a doubter.

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