The Meaning Of Christmas

~ R. U. Wacko

The birth of Jesus was the best thing that ever happened to the department stores and toy manufactures of the world. I fear that a few years from now, some prophet will dig up some old printing of the Book of Santa, and Santa will become the holiday Prophet of the future.

As far as I know we have not debated the birth of Santa, although I would not be surprised if in the future a “Profit” of Christmas will credit me with predicting that Santa was born in a Cash Vault in a bank in Belleville, Wisconsin; and, that three wise men visited him and brought a Barbie Doll, a Hoola Poop and a realistic actual firing Missile Handgun. I am convinced that he lived, probably was born to Joe and Mary Profit. She probably was pregnant before the marriage. Maybe Joe was the father. In those days an illegitimate birth would be best covered up by naming the father a devil, or a god. The story would leave questions.

The point is that Jesus was born of humble beginnings, and before His death he taught teachings that survive today and have influenced more people than all other teachings put together. That is the true beauty of Christmas. Actually Jesus was born in October. The teachings of Jesus belong in collection. I believe in most of what he is credited for saying.

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