Life After Death

~ R. U. Wacko

In life, we touch so many people over the years that we cannot know the words or deeds we did which may have touched another or changed someone for the better – or maybe for worse. We leave our mark on life, and we leave our mark in death. Will we be remembered? We will be as others saw us, sometimes not as we desired. Or, they desired. People remember the things said and done by us that affected how they are and how they reacted. They remember how we lived and how you were to them. It is better to have good memories. In life, remember it does no good to have someone mad at us. You may as well make amends before we die and leave a good memory. Life is your book. Every day a new page is printed. Some day it is read by someone, studied, remembered, borrowed, and used. Today’s page may read – “The End”. But there is no end if we live on in others. The doctors can predict our death fairly accurately if we are in their care and they can monitor our vital organs. They can tell if we have a day or two left. Gather the family. Think about what we will say. Try to make amends. Or, live every day of our life so that there is no need for an apology.

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