Trump In His First 100 Days

TRUMP IN THE FIRST 100 DAYS ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump 4/24/2017

This week marks the first 100 days of Donald Trump as President. Most people are not listening to Trump anymore as he has been caught in so many delusional lies that we have stopped counting. His hero, Russian President Putin, seems to lie about everything too.

Other than a little hype from President Trump and his crew, there is little to brag about.

Neil Gorsuch was approved as a Supreme Court Justice after Republicans changed a Senate rule – effectively ending Filibusters forever. Oh the power in control of the Senate and the House and the Presidency.

Moderate Republicans or extremely conservative Republicans are mostly to blame for not much else changing. You can cheer them if you want. But they may find ways to do more damage.

Can’t think of much else that has been done unless your count the several Presidential Executive Orders which don’t change the law but make for news releases for The Donald.

I have lived and watched 10 Presidents and the first nine never did as many crazy things through their terms than Trump did in His first few weeks.

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