Where Oh Where Has My Armada Gone?

WHERE OH WHERE HAS MY ARMADA GONE? ~ T. Rump, Trump By Trump 4/25/2017

President Trump seems to have lost a large aircrafts carrier, a guided missile cruiser and two destroyers somewhere between Austrailia, Indonesia and North Korea.

Hopefully, North Korea has not sunk them as threatened.

A couple weeks ago Trump said they were speeding to North Korea – apparently going around the globe first as they were spotted 3500 miles from North Korea near Indonesia.

Maybe Trump saw an old war movie on TV or Fox News.

Suggestions by Administration personnel thought there was a miscommunication between the White House and military. That is far scarier than the Trump Armada

Trump’s version may be another lie, illusion, delusion, or simply unable to distinguish between fact and fiction. If He believes it, is it true?

Maybe we never needed a President. Maybe the country can run by itself with the Supreme Court, Congress and the people on alert.

Our allies are discounting as He is clearly out of his league. They cannot trust what Trump says and instead are waiting to see what he does.

But then, it could be too late now that the Trump Armada may be on it’s way to South Korea.

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