10 New Commandments

10 NEW COMMANDMENTS by The Wise Prophet, Gary Bahr

1. THINK!  Think and know that others think differently. All the other original and revised commandments will fall into place if you think.

2. LOVE ONE ANOTHER.  This is the greatest of commandments. Know that God loves you and/or others love you. This helps you believe in yourself and to love others.

3. BE RESPECTFUL.  Love and honor others including enemies. Respect all rules at home, school and work.

4. BE RESPONSIBLE. Stop blaming others. Take responsibility for yourself. Be a self-starter. Do school work, chores, work and sports well. Earn extra credit, extra money and extra privileges. Do not kill, steal, swear falsely, commit adultery etc.

5. DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WANT THEM TO DO UNTO YOU.  Want love and respect – give it! Family and friends are great treasures – be loyal to them.

6. CHOOSE HAPPINESS.  Happiness is a choice you can choose. Nothing can bring you lasting happiness. You already have happiness in you – enjoy it. Stop letting negative thinking interfere. Marry the right person helps.

7. CHOOSE HOW YOU REACT TO OTHERS.  Forgive others and yourself. Be generous and thankful. Be honest and loyal. No lying, sassing, name calling or vulgarities. Don’t argue. Recognize other opinions as good and then discuss your opinions.

8. KNOW THAT BAD ATTITUDE IS A MAJOR DISABILITY.  Quitters never win. Winners never quit. Avoid negative people, places, things and habits. Develop and maintain a good attitude. Work at what you enjoy. Enjoy what you work at. Be patient. Discipline yourself and improve your attitude. Make decisions knowing that even if you make a wrong decision, all you have to do is make another.

9. IF YOU MESS IT UP, CLEAN IT UP.  That includes your own room.

10. BUY NO JUNK.  Things do not make lasting happiness. Save.

See The Wise Prophet et al at  GaryBahr.com.

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