1st God Post

1ST GOD POST by The Wise Prophet, Gary Bahr, and Others

God: Hello World!

Adam & Eve: Hi! We are Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden, Earth. Who are you?

God: I am your creator. I create things, every thing man has not created. In my notes and posts, I have posted many creations in collaboration with The Wise Prophet for you to read and enjoy and obey – if you are so inclined.  You will find in these notes my new commandments, prophecy, writings and selected works and I hope you will profit from them. Each selection is truly inspired by me or has inspired me.

In the Bible we heard that Adam ate of the Apple – of course because a snake had outsmarted Eve and got Eve to eat of the Apple first and Eve made Adam eat of the Apple. And as the story goes, I, God, got so mad I tagged all mankind with corruption and depravity now inherent in everyman, woman and child because of Adam’s original disobedience (ORIGINAL SIN).

And, if you believe that… you really need to read the rest of the my notes. You will be eating knowledge from an Apple (My Mac or iPad).

I demand nothing of man.

To me it is important that if you learn anything in life, you should learn that everyone thinks differently. I could have had you all think the same, but that would be very boring for you and for me. And, would result in too many voting for Republicans. So in your DNA I put little switches that will keep man forever trying to unravel our differences. Every once in awhile I switch switches.

If you think differently, that is OK, and you should start your own Blog or Website or FaceBook notes. Believe me that these FB and website ideas are great creations and my iPad is a marvel. I praise and thank man for his creations.

My Apple is so much easier than carving commandments in stone or on gold parchment. I do not know why I did not think of FB and the internet and iPads and computers a long, long time ago! Those commandments I carved in stone are not easy to change or add to. This is much easier to change. So I will now, occasionally, send new commandments or post new postings or make new notes thru The Wise Prophet.

See The Wise Prophet et al at GaryBahr.com.

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