~ R. U. Wacko

Many spouses will always blame the other spouse for the divorce. You can probably live with that – it is normal.

There often is another man or another woman in the Plaintiff’s life. They were probably looking for a change and probably found someone. In my last divorce, I was the Respondent.

Some will find an answer in Clark’s Biblical Law. It says in that book that a woman who openly opposes her husband deserves no special consideration. I liked that. That may be good for a man to hear. But it applies to both sexes. It can be a reason for a divorce. Or, an aid to the decision-making process.

I earned my degree in psychology in my experiences with other people. I have been in the caretaker role. I wanted to help. That is insane on my part. I’ve outgrown that need. Find someone normal I say. They are out there. Much better! My X brother-in-law told me recently that I was the best thing that ever happened for his sister. I appreciate that remark.

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