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You have to have a sexy woman!

The number one underlying reason for divorce and happiness is probably physical sexual pleasure. Some may say it is money problems. Money problems lead to sex problems.

If a spouse does not like sex, they need counseling. You are going to find better sex somewhere else if you are not getting your needs filled by your spouse.

Mutual companionship is great in old age especially if Viagra does not help. In older age you realize there is more to a loving relationship that just physical happiness.

If a spouse thinks sex is dirty. You are probably going to find someone else or at least wish for someone else.

Often in divorce a spouse will offer sex as a means to save their failing marriage. Can’t hurt to try.  It may be too late. They will feel rejection if you secretly have someone else, and if you don’t have anyone else. Rejection is their crutch. They are ill because you make them feel rejected or they just felt rejected. 

There is sexual counseling, and it may be cheaper than divorce and counseling may actually correct the problems.

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